Monday, September 1, 2014

How Not To Have A Boring Relationship

Been in a relationship is a good thing and it makes both party involved alive. One of the reasons why your partner might hate been in a relationship with you is how boring you’re making the relationship to be.
One of the best ways to make your relationship a lively one is to make it lively and not boring. To do that, the steps highlighted below will help you go about that.

·         Stop Bothering Your Lover With Calls

Men hate it when their lover is bothering them with phone calls every now and then, monitoring their movement.  You the lady might be thinking you’re showing that you care and you really want the relationship to work out.

Yeah, your man wants it to work out but not with the way you’re taking it. If you’ve been bothering your man with phone calls, I will advice you to stop it.

The best time(s) to call your partner is in the morning and at night. I’m sure your lover will really appreciate that, because it shows that you care and you’re been sensible about it.

·         Go Out On A Date

Stop being the boring person and always feel alive. You and your lover should always set out a day or week to have fun together. Like visiting the pocanoes, cinema, zoo or even travelling to Miami beach to have fun!

Staying in door or just calling and texting will make your relationship a boring one. It will even make your man/woman feels you don’t have a social live and that you’re boring.

Men love if their partner knows how to have fun. It always makes them to feel eager to go out on a date every time.

·         Buy Your Lover a Gift

It’s not only on your lover’s birthday you should buy him/her a gift. You should do that often. Maybe you’re passing through a boutique and you set your eyes on a beautiful dress you think your lover will love, and you have the money, go ahead and buy it.

Your lover will always give thanks to you and whenever he/she uses the gift, they will always pray for you and loves you more because you’ve showed that you’re responsible and caring.

·         Always Be there

You should always be there for your lover and you should not only appear when the times are good. It’s hard to find true love and when you finally find one, always try your possible best to keep it alive.

One of the reasons why most lovers fail to keep their relationship strong is because they fake it. They are not true to their partner and at the end they always regret doing that.

Don’t go into a relationship if you can’t or won’t be there for your partner because it will definitely hurt you and it will put you in bad shape.

If you can work more on your relationship and always look for ways to keep it alive, I bet you, you will always remain happy.

If you have any other one you want to add to the list, kindly comment below. Thanks.

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