Monday, September 1, 2014

She’s Not a Wife Material If She Posses These Habits

Men open your eyes and be wise. Most ladies will fake it for you, it’s until they get in your home before you start seeing what they are made of. Some women are very good at faking it for their future husband. And they fakeness ends when they get in the man’s house.

Never fall a victim in order not to have a messy love life which might even make you never fall in love again or believe if LOVE truly exist.

Why You Won’t Get The Right Man

Most women complain when they fall in love with the wrong man, they weep bitterly for making the wrong choice.

You don’t have to weep, sorry for listening to the wrong voice, but you should know that if you haven’t made the wrong choice and possessing the wrong habits, you won’t fall a victim.

The Four Elements You Must Have If You Want To Succeed

Life is built on so many principles, laws of different kinds, but with that, there are ones you should stick to. I mean the elements you should stay glued to. And try to work on them, as you grow you will get better.

There’s no big deal in making it big in life, it just depends on how you see life itself. Life can be sweet and at the same time boring. But your attitude towards it will determine what you will get from life.

Before You Marry Him, Things You Should Know

These days’ women fall too cheap into a relationship just because of material things and they never bring out good thing from the relationship.

I’d been they have studied the most essential things before going ahead to say “Yes I Do” to him, things would have been better for them. Most women don’t want to look too cheap in front of their friends and some are too proud to put themselves so low, which makes them end up marrying the wrong person.

Why You Should Never Take Life Serioulsy


“Never Take Life Too Seriously, You Will Never Get Out Alive Anyway”

The above quote has said it all. Ever wondered why things don’t last in this world? The reason why things don’t last is that nothing last forever in this life. It will for sure fade away someday.

Since you know that it won’t last, then why take life too seriously? One day I was surfing through my friend’s blog, and I stumbled across his post that talks about why he decided to leave his VC backed startup to go work on his own and do what he likes.

Facts You Should Know and Accept About Guys When in a Relationship

There are something’s you should know as a woman when in a relationship because it’s a norm for most guys to always do these things.

If you are able to understand guys, you will have a happy relationship.  But the painful thing about this is that most women do think they understand men but they know little about them.

Beware Of These Factors That Can Destroy Your Life

The more we live the more we learn and the more challenges we face. If you’re not learning as you grow, I guess you don’t belong to the planet- Earth.

Life can be sweet and at the same time sour as an old wound. If you don’t know some key facts about it, you will find it hard to get along.