Monday, September 1, 2014

She’s Not a Wife Material If She Posses These Habits

Men open your eyes and be wise. Most ladies will fake it for you, it’s until they get in your home before you start seeing what they are made of. Some women are very good at faking it for their future husband. And they fakeness ends when they get in the man’s house.

Never fall a victim in order not to have a messy love life which might even make you never fall in love again or believe if LOVE truly exist.

Before you propose to her, find out if she has any of the habits listed below:

Always Nagging:

Is your girlfriend always nagging at every little thing that comes up between you and her? If yes, then she’s not the right one for you. There’s no how she will stop the nagging attitude if she gets into your house after you must have married her.

It’s normal to nag, but nagging every time is abnormal. It shows that the person doesn’t have the right attitude and it’s not good to stay with someone who is always nagging at every little thing that happens.

Does Not Know How to Do Basic Housework

If your girlfriend does not know how to do basic home activities like cleaning, washing the clothes, cooking, then she’s not the right woman to marry. Every girl must know how to carry out any home activities.

If a girl or woman does not know how to do this, then she doesn’t have a proper home training. Women are meant to take care of the home. If you should marry a woman who doesn’t know how to take care of her home, then your kids life are in danger because they won’t be properly taken care of.

Not Understandable

If your wife to be is not the kind of woman that’s understandable, then you’re in big trouble. Because she won’t want to listen to words like “Honey, I don’t have much money on me, manage this token amount” . 

A woman who is not understandable won’t want to know if her man is broke or not, all what she cares about is to keep spending and don’t have time to listen to her man brokeness story. Every woman should learn how to be understandable and be cooperative with her husband in order to able to solve issues amicably.

Things might be hard for your man, it’s your ability to manage things and understand what is going on with him will make your look attractive and it will make your man love you the more for been understandable.

Men be careful because women who are not ready to cooperate and understand hard times are deadly and they can kill.  

If you’re used to elderly ones in your home, you will notice how they always emphasize on you dating a woman who is understandable and not the one that is always going nuts and not ready to cooperate.

If your girlfriend or woman doesn’t want to cooperate with you and understand you, then she’s not the right person for you.

No Human Feelings

If your woman or girlfriend does not have any human feelings, then there’s a problem and for you not to have the problem choke you, it’s advisable for you not to marry that kind of woman.

Any woman who doesn’t have any human feeling are wicked and they don’t appreciate good things.
Know the kind of woman you want to marry, and ensure they have the right attitude that will keep them in your home .

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