Monday, September 1, 2014

Why You Won’t Get The Right Man

Most women complain when they fall in love with the wrong man, they weep bitterly for making the wrong choice.

You don’t have to weep, sorry for listening to the wrong voice, but you should know that if you haven’t made the wrong choice and possessing the wrong habits, you won’t fall a victim.

I’m sure you will be wondering why?

Below are the reasons why you might not get the right person to date:

You’re too demanding

If you’re too demanding, it will be hard for a man to keep up with you. Men don’t cherish women who are too demanding, they need a woman who is understanding and knows when to propose an offer.

As a woman, you must be understandable, get along with your man and understand him better so that things will move fine between you guys.

You love material things

If you love material things, there’s no how you won’t get the wrong man. Men always have the understanding that any woman who fall for material things are not to be in a relationship with, they should be best kept as friend with benefits. Because, they always feel that if not for the material things they have, you won’t want to go on a date with them. And they also will only want to have sex with you and dump you.

This is one of the reasons why girls get dumped and never have a lasting relationship. Also they never attract a good man into their life.

Too Proud To Startup With a Man

If you can love a man for who he is, you can never get the right man to marry, even if you get , your attitude will push them away from you and won’t make them stay with you for long.

Men adores women who are always ready to startup with their man, stay with him when times are rough and be there for him when everyone has gone.

These days’ women want to marry a man who is already readymade and not the one who is yet to make it big in life. They believe if you are yet to make it big in life, the rate at which the man will likely make it big is low.

The reason why most women think like this is that they are too lazy. They don’t want to work. They only want to eat and not work hard with their man. They don’t want to be independent.

If you are the kind of woman who hate been independent, I’m sorry to tell you that, you will hardly get the right man to marry.

Not Ambitious

If you think men are the only one who should be ambitious, then you’re missing the point. As a woman you should be ambitious, you should always aim high and be up to standard.

If you are not thinking big and working towards achieving your goals, it will be hard for you to attract the right man. Let your man see the greatness in you, and not the other way round.

You should posses the right habits in order to get the kind if man you want. Every man wants to live or stay in a relationship with a woman who will be of great help and know what it takes to be in love.

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