Monday, September 1, 2014

Before You Marry Him, Things You Should Know

These days’ women fall too cheap into a relationship just because of material things and they never bring out good thing from the relationship.

I’d been they have studied the most essential things before going ahead to say “Yes I Do” to him, things would have been better for them. Most women don’t want to look too cheap in front of their friends and some are too proud to put themselves so low, which makes them end up marrying the wrong person.

Below are the major things you should know about your man before you say “I DO”

Life Goals

Know if your men have any plans for his life. What are his life goals.  Will he be responsible? Does he know that he will be the bread winner?  Will he still be partying every now and then and forget that he’s building a home?

If your man doesn’t have any plan for his life, then he won’t have any plans for you and your future kids. A man must be able to think and plan for the future. Set his goals and work towards them. He should always aim to be better and be responsible.

What He Does For a Living

Most women, if they know that a man has scads of cash at hand, they don’t mind finding out where he got the money from or what he does for a living. All they want to do is spend the cash with him and if there’s no more money left they will dump him.

For you who want more from the relationship must act proper and find out what your man do for a living. He might be dealing with hard drugs or he’s an arm robber, and he’s faking it for you that he’s a businessman.

Don’t be fooled, get to know where his source of income is coming from and what he does for a living so that you won’t hate on your life when nemesis catch up on him. Don’t put your life in danger by acting blindly.


Does your man have a good habit? Has he been faking it all this while? Get closer to your man and know his do’s and don’ts.  If you can’t figure out what your man’s do’s and don’ts is, then prepare for war when you get married to him.

A man must possess good habit. Any man who doesn’t have that quality will be ready to beat the hell out of his wife.

It’s always good to know your man, know what he can do and what he can’t. Don’t ignore all this just because of love. He might be a devil in disguise.


Know who your man friends are. Is he keeping good company? Is he moving with friends who will influence him badly?

It’s always advisable for people to move with the right company. Moving with the bad company in life will lead one astray.

If you notice that the company your man is keeping is bad, it’s advisable for you to advice him to change and move with the right people. And if he’s adamant, the best is to leave him and let him know why.

You don’t want him to move with friends that will influence him badly, which might hurt your relationship with him. Do the needful and be at rest.

What do you think about this post? What other things would you like to add? Feel free to comment below.

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