Monday, September 1, 2014

Why You Should Never Take Life Serioulsy


“Never Take Life Too Seriously, You Will Never Get Out Alive Anyway”

The above quote has said it all. Ever wondered why things don’t last in this world? The reason why things don’t last is that nothing last forever in this life. It will for sure fade away someday.

Since you know that it won’t last, then why take life too seriously? One day I was surfing through my friend’s blog, and I stumbled across his post that talks about why he decided to leave his VC backed startup to go work on his own and do what he likes.

After reading that post, I became baffled, my mind started running through so many things. This guy is a friend of mine, I‘ve known him since the day I started blogging and when he started his startup I know about it. After thinking about it deeply, then my thought ends with this question; why take life too seriously?

You will never get out alive, I see no reason why you should not follow your passion, I see no reason why you should do what other people wants you to do, I see no reason why you should follow the crowd by default, I see no reason why you should be drown by other people’s dogma, I see no reason why you should never follow your guts for one seconds.

When you get to the old age, you will regret the things you wish you have done. I don’t want you to regret and feel like you will never forgive yourself for not trying out things yourself. For you not to have that feelings, I urge you to take that bold step and follow your passion, follow your guts, lock out those people who only wants you to do what they expect you to do from your life.

The universe doesn’t give a flying fuck about what you do. If you fail today doesn’t mean you’re a failure forever! Everyone fails at something. Push out those things that might want to hinder you from achieving greatness and do what you love. You might not succeed at first, don’t worry, and persist till you make it. And you should only persist if the thing you do is what you love!

Always remember that for each day you spent on earth, the closer you’re to your grave. All those stuff you think that matters won’t matter anymore.

You don’t know what tomorrow holds,

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