Monday, September 1, 2014

Facts You Should Know and Accept About Guys When in a Relationship

There are something’s you should know as a woman when in a relationship because it’s a norm for most guys to always do these things.

If you are able to understand guys, you will have a happy relationship.  But the painful thing about this is that most women do think they understand men but they know little about them.

To feel at peace with your man, here are the things you should know:

Social Media:

Stop tracking your guy on social media every now and then. Men can’t do without moving from one social network to another. Even if the guy personally doesn’t want to join any social networks, his friends will force him to sign up.

So tracking or monitoring him on social networks is plain meaningless. Because even if you caught him red handed flirting with other women on social network that might not make him change after begging you.

The best thing to do is to understand their nature and always try to put in your best in the relationship.The funny thing is that, guys in relationship mostly join these social networks just for fun and nothing serious about it.

If you’re the right woman for him, he will always set it clear for other cliques he might be having an external or side affair with.


It’s in most men blood or nature to cheat even if they are married. The bad thing is if your man should bring his concubine to your matrimonial home and sleep with her on your matrimonial bed, then, you should not take it lightly with him.

A man who does not bring and sleep with his external affairs in his matrimonial home when he’s not divorced or separated shows that he respect his wife. 

You should also know that most men don’t just cheat; some might just want to have fun while others might be influenced by friends.  They don’t want to be left behind that’s why he decided to take the path his friend is taking.

If your man is keeping his side chicks away from you, then he really respect you. The best thing in this case is to always be calm and play along with him. As long as he’s not hitting on you and he’s still acting as the man of the house, then you don’t have a problem.

You just have to be calm and try and make him understand why you choose to be with him and why you think he should always be loyal and faithful. Talking to him calmly will make the words or advice sinks into his brain and forced to change his ways.

Don’t listen to what your friends says when you’re having a problem with you man, it’s best to speak to a marriage counselor or think and follow your guts. Don’t let people who are not in a relationship tell you what they don’t know.

The facts listed in this article are the top issues that break relationship. So it’s better for you to stay informed and try to work around these issues so you will have a great relationship.

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